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Master of Photoshop

A Photoshop Retouching and Digital Photography Masterclass


This course will be released in phases throughout its interactive launch period beginning on June 18. When you sign up today, you'll immediately have access to the first 5 modules, course materials, sample image files, color presets, and our private Facebook group. Starting early July, a new course module will be released every week, for 8 weeks. If you enroll during the interactive launch period, you'll also have access to our live office hours held once weekly, where you can ask questions, get immediate feedback, and discuss the course with our community! Once the launch period ends, the course will be yours to access forever.  :)


What's Included:

  • A total of 13 modules, covering over 40+ hours of video lessons and walkthroughs.
  • We'll cover the entire image editing workflow from file management, raw image processing in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, how to really get the most out of your presets, and the CORE of the course - in-depth instruction on Photoshop tools, advanced retouching techniques, compositing (combining multiple images together in creative ways), and all the tips, tricks and efficiency techniques that the pros use! You're going to become a Photoshop master!
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we'll continue to share new content and updates, and a place for you to share your work, ask questions, and engage with our community!
  • LIVE office hours held once weekly, for 8 weeks after course launch to answer questions in real time.
  • A unique Away Lands preset pack to get you started.
  • Sample images to practice your skills and follow along with the lessons.


The Course Curriculum:

1. Course Introduction
Welcome! Let's discuss the course purpose, expectations, and requirements - and how to make the most of these lessons. At the end of this module, we're also including a start-to-finish crash course for you to immediately get a taste of the entire editing workflow from processing, to retouching and exporting - we want you to get excited for everything you're about to learn!

2. Hardware Fundamentals
Computer and hardware basics, plus my most important retouching accessories, and why they are crucial to my workflow. Also a quick discussion on the camera I use and why I love it.

3. Starting with the Basics
Introductions to Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom. You'll learn how to import presets, the difference between file types, and how to implement hotkeys to make your editing life easier.

4. Mastering Raw Processing
An in-depth look at color science in Adobe Camera Raw, and how to make the most of your images before you even enter Photoshop.

5. Learning your Photoshop Toolkit
Take a deep dive into the most essential Photoshop tools, which are crucial for nearly every editing task within Photoshop.

6. Mastering Photoshop Layers
Use and gain an in-depth understanding of Photoshop layers - essentially the foundation of this powerful application.

7. Mastering Photoshop Clean-Up
Gain an in-depth understanding of cloning tools and how to use them to tackle a spectrum of the most common image problems.

8. Mastering Beauty Retouching
A masterclass in and of itself - my entire workflow and toolkit to retouching people beautifully and naturally, fine-tuned over 15 years of experience. Individual lessons on hair, skin, eyes, and retouching for fashion, portraits and virtually every image including the subject of people.

9. Creating with Photoshop
Get creative! Learn how to replace skies, add the moon and stars, expand image edges, and build on your skills to go beyond retouching and into the world of digital art.

10. Photoshop Beyond Retouching
Using Photoshop for graphic design, creating cinemagraphs, stop-motion photography, moving images, and much more.

11. Photography for Instagram and Social Media
Making and exporting specifically for blogs and Instagram, curating an Instagram feed, and all of Amy's best tips on using photography to build your online following.

12. Using Your Skills
Multiple start to finish image walkthroughs to help further your understanding of how to use all Photoshop elements together to create everything you can dream of!

13. Course Wrap-Up and Beyond
Our final thoughts and recommendations for you to kill it out there with your photography! We'll also be appending Bonus material as new topics and questions are brought up throughout the course in our private Facebook group. There is no end to building your skills! 


More details and FAQ can be viewed on our Master of Photoshop Product Page.